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2017. July 21., Friday - Dániel


Dear Hiker!

The team of „szamostura.hu” warmly welcomes you.

We welcome and would like to invite you to our narrower home, to the most beautiful landscapes of East-Hungary, Szatmár and Bereg. If you long for some carefree relaxation, and like challanges and adventures, then take part in our tours. We recommend our water and bicycle tours to both adults and children, youthful and elderly, to beginners and experienced hikers, to families, friends and colleagues. Among our offers, you will find a wide range of choices for an active relaxation. You can try water skiing, wakeboarding, but can also take part in our two-day or several-day water tours on the river Szamos, the Upper-Tisza, or the Túr. You will also have the opportunity to rent sport accessories for individual tours. However, if you are in the mood for a full relaxation, fishing or pleasure-boating is the best choice.

Most importantly, you should discover the beauties of untouched nature, the adventurous rivers, and the ethnographicly valuable East-Hungary, through our boundless tours on both water and wheels.



A team of „szamostura.hu” is a friendly company  that has been united together over several years.

Our common passion, the love of the river Szamos has been connecting us for already thirty years.

All of us live in Csenger with our families, to whom we also managed to endear all the beauties of nature and nomad lifestyle.

Through our more than thiry years of „watery past”, we have great experience in the organisation and transaction of water tours on the Szamos, the Upper-Tisza and the Túr, we know the whims and natures of the rivers in the vicinity.

We possess a wide variety of well-equipped and maintained equipment: brand new tour canoes for four persons, oars, life preservers, a speed boat for ten persons, waterski, wakeboard, pullable watersport equipment, bicycles.

We would like to show the sights of our city and its vicinities to as many visitors as possible, as well as the beauties of untouched nature, the unforgetable experience of water and bicycle tours.


Why should you choose us?

  • We have great experience on the Szamos, the Upper-Tisza and the Túr.
  • Discounts for children and groups, or free sports equipment usage.
  • Discounts on the accomodation prices of riverside campings.
  • Discounts on the food and drink comsumption at several restaurants.
  • Welcome or farewell cooking for groups.

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A kalkulátorhoz!

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